24 Feb 2012

60 seconds with: Janko Tipsarevic


Photo: Srdjan StevanovicJanko Tipsarevic (SRB)

What are you looking forward to most about the Olympics?
Getting a chance to play and represent my country, mainly, but my memories from Beijing were not that great – I had to retire in the 2nd round because of an ankle injury. The Olympic Games are played on my favourite surface, which is grass, so I’m hoping I can make a better impression this time.

What do you think the atmosphere will be like in London during the games?
I love the British crowd because, if I compare them to other crowds, they are probably the ones who respect the players the most. I am generally looking when the crowd is moving or clapping when it’s not time or screaming during the point, but this is generally never, ever, ever happening in London because tennis has a huge history – people over there love the sport – so I generally really, really love the crowd.

Are you looking forward to mixing with different athletes?
I actually am. I am probably going to stay in a separate house because it’s closer to Wimbledon, but I remember that in the Olympic village in Beijing we had a lot of fun.

What is your favourite Olympic memory?
Beating David Ferrer, at that point ranked No. 4, a guy which I generally hate playing, and I had won like four games in our previous two matches. I remember I played the match of my life on court No. 1 and won in straight sets – that was one my best feelings.

Are there any other Olympic sports you would like to watch?
I love watching gymnastics. I think it is underpaid, I feel that the guys and girls are working really hard and not getting enough compensation for what they do. Probably that is one of the sports that I enjoy watching the most.

Who from Serbia do you expect to do well at the Olympics?
Well I would like to say myself, as I’m playing currently the best tennis of my career, but probably the biggest pressure is going to be on Novak [Djokovic] because he is the current world No. 1 and he won Wimbledon on grass and he is someone that people in Serbia are expecting to bring home a medal.

And in any other sports?
Volleyball and waterpolo. If I remember correctly we lost in the finals of the World or European Championships in waterpolo, so along with tennis those are the three sports that we are expected to win a medal.